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Advanced Dental Implant Technology

Our Advanced Dental Implant Technology

Here at 772 Implant, we are proud to deliver predictable dental implant results to each and every one of our patients, thanks to our revolutionary computer-guided dental implant placement technology.

Thanks to our computer-guided dental implant treatment planning software, our skilled dental implant team can precisely determine the best location to place your dental implant. This state-of-the-art computer software grants us the ability to “virtually” place dental implants into a digital version of your mouth so that we can make the proper adjustments until we determine the perfect implant placement for you and your smile.

After we determine your ideal implant placement, we then convert the digital treatment plan from the computer into a physical custom template so we can place your quality dental implants with utmost precision. By using this state-of-the-art generated template, we are able to place your implants exactly as they were planned at the computer to provide nothing but the best results.

However, not only does our advanced computer-guided dental implant placement technology make your implant placement more precise and straightforward than ever before, but it can restore your smile in just one hour!

Don’t wait any longer to achieve a healthier, durable, comfortable smile that lasts a lifetime. Effectively replace your missing teeth with dental implants using advanced dental implant technology at 772 Implant. Contact our experienced and caring team for more information about computer-guided dental implant placement or request a complimentary consultation today. We can’t wait to get you smiling again!